Leslie Davis


Minnesota Governor 2018

"It's time to do things

my way".

- End vehicle fuel, sales, and axle taxes.

- Build & maintain roads and bridges

without taxing or borrowing.

- Stop mandatory water fluoridation.

- Ban high fructose corn syrup in schools.

- Gift $2,000 to each Minnesotan from the

State Board of Investment (SBI) $80 billion.

- Maximize energy conservation to save

billions, reduce pollution, and create

thousands of jobs.

- Legalize hemp for new industries and

thousands of jobs.

"The Leslie Davis TV Show"

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Go to internet - www.mtn.org - Channel 16


Leslie Davis

Earth Protector® Founder

Smart - Trained - Experienced - Ready

1955-1957 U.S. Army

1957-1982 sales and marketing

1982-2015 president, Earth Protector®/Companies

 Gregory K. Soderberg is Leslie's running mate.

Gregory is an Austin, Minnesota native,

Purple  Heart combat Marine, sales and

marketing professional, conservationist,

and money expert.

Greg will help implement the 'Money Plan'. 

Greg is wonderful man, an American patriot,

and the greatest candidate to ever run for

Lt. Governor in the history of Minnesota.

Our 2 most serious problems are


1. Reduce debt:

A. Using the ‘Money Plan’ to build and maintain

roads and bridges without taxing or borrowing.

B. End the vehicle fuelaxle, and sales taxes.

2. Reduce obesity:

Eliminate high fructose corn syrup and wheat in

schools and government funded facilities.


We would also like to:

  • Legalize Cannabis for economic development (food, fiber and medicine). Create new industries and thousands of jobs.
  • Release non-violent drug prisoners into a mentoring program that will provide training and jobs. Especially long-haul truck drivers.
  • Stop mandatory water fluoridation to prevent fluorosis and brain calcification.
  • Help building owners install modern motors, HVAC systems, lighting, insulation, and glazing. Save money and create jobs.
  • Train 1,000 dental hygienists and technicians.
  • Gift $4,000 to each student attending college or its equivalent.
  • Prevent dentists from discharging mercury into sewers.
  • Advise about dangers from cell phones and other Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).
  • Educate about asthma and cancer treatments.

Leslie Davis - 612-529-5253 

Greg Soderberg - 507-440-1015