Leslie Davis DFL Governor 2014


DFL primary August 12.


Earth Protector Founder

Trained - Experienced - Ready

1955-1957 U.S. Army

1957-1982 sales and marketing

1982-2014 president of Earth Protector® 

 Gregory K. Soderberg is my Lt. Governor.

Greg is an Austin, Minnesota native, Purple Heart

combat Marine, sales and marketing professional,

and money expert.

Greg will help lead the way for Minnesota to

implement the 'Money Plan'.

Our 2 most serious problems are


Reduce debt:

A. Using the ‘Money Plan’ concept to build

and maintain all our roads and bridges without debt.

B. End the vehicle fuelaxle, and sales taxes

and people will have more money.

Leslie Davis concludes, 

"The Money Plan is the perfect thing to do right now.

It's a wall to shield us from the abyss of financial collapse." 

Read the 'Money Plan' and call me at 612-529-5253.

2. Reduce obesity by:

A. Eliminate high fructose corn syrup (soda+), and

cut down on wheat in schools and government funded facilities.

B. Leslie Davis examined wheat and determined it harms health.

Wheat should be eliminated or reduced.


We would like to:

  • Legalize Cannabis for economic development (food, fiber and medicine). Create new industries and thousands of jobs.
  • Free The Brothers. Release non-violent drug prisoners into a mentoring program that will provide training and jobs.
  • Stop mandatory water fluoridation to prevent fluorosis and brain calcification.
  • Help building owners install modern motors, HVAC systems, lighting, insulation, and glazing.
  • Train 1,000 dental hygienists and technicians.
  • Gift $4,000 to each student attending college or the equivalent.
  • Prevent dentists from discharging mercury into sewers.
  • Advise about dangers from cell phones and other Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).
  • Educate about new asthma and cancer treatments.

Leslie Davis 612-529-5253  Greg Soderberg 507-440-1015