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VOTE November 2021

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Leslie Davis

Minneapolis City Council Ward 4

The Mind Is Everything
What You Think You Become
So why not become GREAT?

#1 goal. Ward 4 is a very safe place to live.

#2 goal. Ward 4 Upper Harbor Terminal Corporation  Development, and 3, 4, 5, etc.

Father of 4
U.S. Army Atomic Veteran
Sales and marketing expert
Founder/President, Earth Protector Companies
Author - Songwriter - Expert Marksman
National Rifle Association Certified

VOTE NO to the ballot about policing.
I support a Police Department that is fully staffed, well funded, and superbly trained physically, emotionally, socially, and ethically, with a clear sense of the need for racial sensitivity.

I oppose a liquor bar and its drunks at the Upper Harbor Terminal located at the intersection of Dowling Avenue North and the River.

Installing the best lights, motors, glazing, heating, ventilation and a/c systems, in all Minneapolis buildings, will reduce poisoned air, protect public health, save money, create great jobs, and meet Earth Protector energy efficiency requirements. 

Healthier diets are needed to minimize obesity and diabetes. Reducing consumption of wheat (bread, rolls, cakes, pizza) and high fructose corn syrup drinks and food additives, are essential for better health. A small reduction in the use of these items will go a long way to better health.

Speeding in neighborhoods can be significanly reduced with the intelligent use of speed bumps and/or various blocks.

Stop The Drug War for Peace and Prosperity.

Stop allowing fluoride in our water for healthy bodies and minds.

The Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT)

I want to oversee the development of the Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) for Ward 4 to produce and process organic products such as vegetables, hemp (CBD), and bamboo, to create generational wealth.

The Upper Harbor Terminal is a vacant 48 acre industrially zoned piece of land at Dowling Avenue on the Mississippi River. I want to open the lock and dam so we can access the River, and develop the Upper Harbor Terminal to grow and process pre-sold organic food and products to generate wealth for Ward 4. 

My opponents want to give away the UHT to the millionaire Pohlad and Frank families, and give you nothing. And they want to give 19 of the 48 acres to the Park Board and again, give you nothing.

The Pohlad and Frank families, operating as United Properties, in cahoots with Mayor Frey and the City Council, are stealing the Upper Harbor Terminal from Ward 4 who should have received first crack at developing the site to produce great products and jobs, and generate wealth for the entire community.

Pohlad and Frank had inside information about the property due to serving on the Minneapolis Parks Foundation Board, which is not to be confused with the Park and Recreation Board. The Foundation gives money to the Park Board (millions) and gets inside information and influence. They use this information and influence to get a leg up on any competition for the UHT property.

The Upper Harbor Terminal enablers at the City, and Park and Recreation Board, claim they made it known to the Ward 4 Community that the Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) was available for development to those who submit a Proposal. They did not.

The developers recruited the now out of business Thor Development. Parallel to that they focused on getting the city and state elected officials onboard, and then corralled a handful of influential community activists. THEY WERE ALL ONBOARD WITH THE WRONG IDEA. AND NONE OF THEM LIVE OR HAVE A BUSINESS IN WARD 4. LIKE I DO.

Promises of various sorts were made such as: free tickets to events at a proposed liquor-bar-music-venue, part-time jobs at the music venue, free fishing rods and a pier to fish from on the river; affordable housing under the plume of toxic emissions from the GAF shingle manufacturer right next door; and the biggest payoff of all was a gift to the Park Board of 19 acres that the Park and Recreation Board confesses they don’t have the money to manage.

I wrote to all the City Council Members explaining what was taking place in plain sight and I explained that this great industrially zoned site could be used for creating generational wealth for the community, and I described what was bad about the proposed Concept Plan.

A liquor bar at the UHT is a BAD IDEA that would:
1. Release publicly urinating, prostitute seeking, drunks into our neighborhoods. Just like they do nightly downtown when the bars close.
2. Attract thousands of cars that will jam the roads and release tons of toxic air emissions, including formaldehyde.
3. Create low pay part-time service jobs.

The UHT is an industrially zoned site that is not suitable for housing because of the formaldehyde emissions and other volatile organic pollution from the GAF shingle-making plant right next door to the south.

Shortly after my involvement the City Council approved the Concept Plan and appointed layers of committees and advisory groups to obfuscate what they were doing. Then they stacked the committees with their cronies and crony friends. Then, on top of that, they appointed a special UHT Advisory Group to oversee those.

The current Development Agreement must be canceled
and the UHT turned over to Ward 4 to develop. 

Paid for by Leslie Davis for Minneapolis City Council, P.O. Box 11688, Mpls. MN 55411